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The FIRST in Bicol, smart & easy-to-use COVID-19 contact tracing app for individuals and businesses.

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Iriga Contact or iContact

This First Contact Tracing app in Bicol Region.


iContact is developed by the City Government of Iriga.

Smart & Secure

We make sure your privacy is our priority.

Why use iContact?

Iriga Contact or iContact is a contact tracing app used for fast and easy way of contact tracing every individual living inside or outside the city.

Protect Ourselves | Get notified thru the APP or SMS if you've been exposed to COVID-19 through close contact. Faster information means timely care for you.

Protect our love ones | Being notified earlier also means we can better protect the people that surrounds us, especially our family, reducing the spread of the virus.

Protect our Community | Ease the load of our frontliners and support one another to live life normally and safely. Together, WE HEAL AS ONE.

What the City Mayor has to say?

It will help the whole community especially in this New Normal.

Our goal is to have a better normal life for IrigueƱos.

I encourage everyone to register and let us help each other to make Iriga City safe from COVID-19.