iContact Privacy Statement


iContact is a contact tracing app used for Covid-19 Operations in the City Government of Iriga. The app scans the QR Code card generated once users register their establishment and themselves as individual on all registered business establishments, government offices and residential units.

The iContact app and the City Government of Iriga is in compliance with the Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173) and other pertinent laws applicable and in relation thereto. The City Government of Iriga also released Executive Order No. 6 Series of 2020 in accordance with the use and implementation of iContact


For an individual, we collect the following information

  1. First Name    (* Required)
  2. Middle Name
  3. Last Name    (* Required)
  4. Suffix
  5. Gender
  6. Birthday
  7. Mobile Number    (* Required)
  8. Email Address
  9. Unit Number, Apartment / Building
  10. Street Address
  11. Barangay    (* Required)
  12. City / Municipality    (* Required)
  13. Province    (* Required)
  14. Username
  15. Password

Information are collected for the system to generate a unique QR Code Card to be for entry/exit on all business establishments, residential and government offices.

For a business establishment, we collect the following information

  1. Name of Business    (* Required)
  2. Unit Number, Apartment / Building
  3. Street Address
  4. Barangay    (* Required)
  5. City / Municipality    (* Required)
  6. Province    (* Required)
  7. Landline Number
  8. Mobile Number    (* Required)
  9. Email Address
  10. Username    (* Required)
  11. Password    (* Required)

All the information collected is for the verification of the Business Establishment or Government Office for contact tracing purposes; while the username and the password are used to login to the users iContact App installed to his/her smart phone.

Data Collected once QR Code is Scanned

  1. Individual QR Code
  2. Date of Entry/Exit
  3. Time of Entry/Exit
  4. Name of Business Establishment

Data are collected for fast-and-easy contract tracing.

All registering individuals, business establishments and government offices should AGREE with the Authorization Statement;

“I hereby authorize the City Government of Iriga to collect, store, and utilize the personal information I have provided to process and document my registration to the iContact Contact Tracing System of the City Government and provide me with appropriate updates and advisories relating to the COVID-19 prevention and control related and/or other service related information consistent with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173) and other applicable laws, rules and regulations.”


We created a secured system design and technical procedures that the data stored on our cloud server is protected and cannot be generated by anyone outside the system. ONLY the authorized personnel that will administer the iContact Admin Control Panel has the authority to generate report and export the data to be sent to the Contact Tracing Team of the City Government of Iriga.


All your personal, contact and account information will be stored to our server until you decided to deactivate your account. All the data collected thru scanned QR Codes will be archived to our database server for thirty (30) days before being deleted.


Visit us as the 2nd Floor Public Information Office, New Government Center, Sta, Cruz Sur, Iriga City, Philippines or send us an email at icontact.irigacity@gmail.com.